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Step by Step Guide to Authoring Graph Questions


This section is a high-level overview of how to author a general graphing question.


1. Question:

The initial screen starts with the Question field. Here you enter the question for the student such as 

Create a graph of a circle with a center at (0,0) and radius of 1. The page will look as follows:



2. Points.

We will set this question to 10 points:


3. Create a solution.

To add a Circle shape, click on the "+" to the right of Point and Line...





Select the "Circle" shape and note the other pre-defined shapes that are available. You can also enter a general equation via the fx button at the top left.

Now place any two points on the circle. First click at (0,0) which is marked as point "A", then click at "(0,1) which is marked point "B", and the circle will be displayed as follows:



Your question is now complete, and you should click "Save" in the top right of the screen. It will then be in draft mode, and when you are ready you can Publish it.

As an optional step, you can check how the question will be graded. Click on "Preview mode" at the top right of the screen:



and the display will look as follows:



Now let's consider the scenario that a student enters an incorrect answer. We will enter a circle centered at (0,0), but with a radius of 2...



Here we placed the second point "B" at (0,2) which is not correct.

Next click on "CHECK ANSWER" which is a small button in the top right under "SAVE".



Then the display will show a score of 0/10 and color the circle input in red.

On the other hand for the correct input we will see the following:


Note that the second point "B" was entered at (1,0) instead of (0,1) as when the question was created as it is not required to use the same exact points on the shape. The score shows as "10/10" and the shape is colored in green.

Next steps:


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