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Step by step guide to authoring math questions


There are eight types of Math questions that can be created. 



Expression & Formula is the most general authoring mode, and Numeric Entry is the second most common mode.

Many of these are the same for authoring, so here is a general outline.


Step 1. Enter the question text.


If you want to add a mathematical expression, like square root in the screen above, you need to use Edit Math editor. To open it, press the button Math.


Here, in the Edit Math window, you can type any mathematical expression using keyboard, keypad buttons, or directly by inputting LaTeX code.


After pressing the OK button the expression will be inserted into the question text.


Step 2. Enter the points and the answer.

POINTS are obviously the grade a student would get if his answer would match your EXPECTED ANSWER.



Step 3. Preview how your question works. 

This step is optional, but we highly recommend to check the evaluation by using the Preview mode.



A student can input terms in a different order, for example, (6+x) instead of (x+6), and all such inputs will be accepted, if they are equivalent to the correct answer defined by a question creator


If you want to change such Edulastic behavior, you can use ADDITIONAL OPTIONS below the correct answer input box. For example, if you check in the option Check if expression is simplified, Edulastic will no longer accept the expressions like 5-2 instead of 3. (however, it will proceed to accept 6+x instead of x+6 since both of them are equivalent and simplified)



 More information on these options.


Note: for simplified expressions with variables, try to avoid using any variables that could be incorrectly interpreted as units, e.g. 3x + s + m + 2. Here the evaluation may interpret the s as seconds and m as minutes.  


Step 4. SAVE and then PUBLISH your question.

Please pay attention that you can edit your question anytime after you save it, but you CAN NOT edit the question after you publish it.



If you accidentally publish your question and, for example, find a mistake in it and want to want to edit (as I also sometimes do), the only way is to make a duplicate of your question (button CLONE in Item Bank / View window), edit/save/publish the new question, and then remove the old question.



To make questions with random content as a way to discourage cheating you can use Dynamic content. 



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