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Using Special Symbols in Math Questions


There are three ways that special symbols and advanced forms can be entered in math questions:

1. Using symbols on the keypad.



Above is the Intermediate keypad that can be used for most Algebra 1 questions. There are 16 special functions and symbols shown in the blue squares on the right.

This keypad can be found in the drop-down list when creating the correct answer, or in the Advanced Options panel to the left of the question. You can attach a different keypad to each question, but if you have multiple input boxes, all of them will share the same keypad.

You can also assemble the various keys and create a custom keypad using the button Add New Key.


2. Special keyboard characters.   

Key Purpose
/ fraction, e.g. 1/2
up navigate to the numerator in a fraction
down navigate to the denominator in a fraction
[ ] matrix
|  absolute value


3. LaTeX.

For example, the one function you will use most in LaTeX is \sqrt for square root.

Edulastic does not support every Latex construct, so it's possible you may find some strange behaviors for example if you try to use some advanced calculus styling. If this is the case, please contact Edulastic support as we are regularly adding new capabilities in the roadmap.

More LaTeX symbols

LaTex usage in math questions

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