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Advanced Graphing Options


The grid is by default on an integral grid, but that can be changed in the Grid menu:




For example, if a smaller grid is desired such as:


Then set the options like this:



With the Graph Controls, you can select which of the: Undo, Redo, Reset or Delete buttons are present in the question:



An example of changing the graph labels is shown below:



where the bottom label has been enhanced by changing the font and background color (highlight). This will render as follows:






The following options will be added soon:


Points on an equation:

Student needs to identify [   ] unique points on an equation [                      ]

Segment Checks:

[ ] start point [ ] both points [ ] Length

Line Checks:

[ ] is parallel [ ] is perpendicular

Polygon Checks:

[ ] start point [ ] all points [ ] Similar [ ] Congruent [ ] Area [ ] Perimeter

For Triangles: [ ] has a right angle

For Squares : [ ] is a square

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