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Math Question Advanced Options


To enable the advanced options, you need to toggle the power user selection at the bottom of your profile page.

The following options will then be visible once you author or edit math or graphing questions.




The following options can be configured for math questions:

Dynamic Parameters - presents different randomly tweaked versions of the questions to your class to reduce possible cheating.

Display - allows control over the response boxes and fonts, e.g.


Keypad - select the keypad for authoring the question or to be given to the student. The nine different keypads can be enabled via a dropdown menu:



The trigonometry keypad is as follows:


For Graphing questions, the advanced options let you control the types of objects used, e.g. circles or segments, the size of the grid and the labeling:



For Math, Text & Drop Down Questions,  "mix-n-match alternative answers" means that teachers can set multiple correct alternative answers for the different fill in the blank spots. Then, when "mix-n-match" alternative answers is turned on, students can still get 100% on the question if they are able to successfully fill in each blank, even if they select an alternative correct answer for some of the blanks.

In other words, when the box is checked, students can use any combination of answers (answers from Correct, Alternate 1, Alternate 2) and still get it right.


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