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Equation Responses


Consider the question:

Joe mixes 2 1/2 pounds of raisins with 4 1/3 pounds of apples and 2 pounds of flour in his cake mixture. After making the cake he has 1 pound of ingredients left.

Write a situation equation.


1. Use Literally Equivalent evaluation mode. 



2. Use the units (US) keypad to get the "lb" units. You can also type the letters of "lb", but the system does not know that lb are the same as pounds. So either tell the students which form of the units to use, or make an alternative answer(s), one with "pounds" and others with "lb" or "lbs". Also you should tell the students that "t" is the variable.





3. Check the answer forms in the PREVIEW MODE:




4. Finally, you can make a custom keypad with just certain keys, or use the basic keypad and RESTRICT VARIABLES to "t,lb". e.g.


Note the addition of "t" and "lb" keys.


Note that you can also try to implement this kind of question in TEMPLATE form such as in "Complete the Equation:



See the section on "Compare Sides of an Inequality".  Sometimes these are referred to as CLOZE math.


Another example when you may want to separately match two sides of in in/equality is as follows:

Students are learning to write algebraic equations, and you want them to isolate the variable in a certain way...

So x + 10 = 15 or 10 + x = 15 would be considered as correct but  15 - 10 = x should be graded as incorrect.

An example with an inequality would work like this:

So x + 10 < 15 or 10 + x < 15 or 15 > 10 + x would be considered as correct but  15 - 10 < x would be graded as incorrect. Note how the sense of the inequality is used.

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