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Partial Scoring on Graphing Questions


There is also this article about Partial Credit.

Partial Scoring on Graphing questions are scored based on consideration the objects in the response. For example, if the student needs to enter the two triangles as shown below:



If the student enters only one of the two triangles correctly, then their score will be 0.5

Example 2: Student needs to enter a point at (0,0) and a line through (-2,-4) and (4,3) as shown below:


If the expected response has just one object, e.g. a single line, or circle then partial credit will be be given if the equation is correct, but not the inequality.

For example, if the expected answer is y>x and the student enters the line and shading for y<x then they will get partial credit of 0.5


For discouraging guessing there is scoring with penalty based on Jaccard.

The student has entered the point A and line correctly, but has entered an additional incorrect point D at (1,1).

In this case the Jaccard 


2/3 and the score will be 0.67

The Jaccard numerator has the student responses that intersect the correct answer, which in this case is the line and the point A. The Jaccard denominator is the union - which includes the incorrect point. So it is 3. If for example the student had added another incorrect line as well, then the denominator would be four and the score 0.5. This penalizes guessing. Note that duplication of the same objects is ignored such as in the case that the student clicked and added multiple points at (0,0)

Partial scoring is possible on the following graphing questions:

  • points, e.g. (1,2)
  • polygons, e.g. triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons.
  • inequalities, e.g. the line, y>x+1
  • conic sections, e.g. circles
  • polygons that are partially correct, e.g. the correct answer is the following quadrilateral:



but instead the student has entered the wrong height:


Note that at this time, there are no other question types that can be evaluated by partial scoring, but if you have a suggestion please contact us.

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