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Math Entry Default Intepretation


The math grading in Edulastic considers many possible forms of responses. For example:

  1. Is 1,234 actually two numbers (1 and 234) or one number (1234)? Which is it? There are comma separators, white space, operators, and decimal points to consider...
  2. The many different ways that equations and inequalities can be entered.

  3. All sorts of different types of parenthesis  ( )  [ ] { } used in different ways ... that can be used to represent intervals, sets, lists, coordinate points, or even just some text the teacher has specified. For example is (2,3) a set, list, interval or coordinate point?

There are usually many ways to compose a question to cover the same skill.

For example, instead of entering an equation, you can just give the right hand side as the required entry, or use another question form such as "Complete the Equation"


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There are also ways to specify the form such as for a thousand's separator or interval type using the additional options.

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