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Translations in Graphing



Let's create a Graphing question in which students need to translate an object:




The triangle needs to be shifted. First, create the question:



Then use the advanced options to enter a background object. You need to be a power user to see the advanced options. (Go to your profile to enable power user).


Then enter a polygon background shape. In this case we will make a triangle, ABC and to close the polygon you need to click back on the first point.




Next, you go back up to the top of the page and enter the correct object. In this case it is labeled as DEF. The labels will be ignored in the evaluation (In the future we may add an enhancement to check the label values).

If you are not sure how to get the Polygon graphing object, please review this.




Next we check the evaluation in preview mode. Here we try a wrong answer and see that is it graded as incorrect:





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