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Update Test Settings


When you have an assignment that needs minor changes to the settings such as changing the test dates, allowing grades to be released, etc., here is how to do that: 


Start at the Assignments tab.  

1)Select the assessment to be updated. 

2) Click on the test name to access one or more sections or classes it was assigned to, or click on Actions to modify the settings for all classes.



Modify one class.

1) Cick on the class name to go to the Live Class Board.

2) Click on the Settings tab. 

3) Update the settings, select Update.



Modify many classes at once.

1) To do this use, Edit and Regrade function. 

2) Go to Assignments tab, select the Actions button for the assessment. 


3) On the Actions drop down selections, choose Edit and Regrade.  

4) This will take you to the Details screen of the assessment.  Select Settings tab.  Adjust the settings. 

5) Select Regrade. 



6) You will be prompted to follow the Regrade choices.  Choose zero points, skip rescoring, and exclude assignments.




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