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What's New with Creating Math Questions


When authoring math questions in Edulastic, there are several options to support all variations of questions and student answers.  In addition, we have recently rolled some advanced settings that make our math tech enhanced questions even more robust.  You will find these in a new section called Evaluation Settings when creating a new question.  


Here is how to get to the new settings:

1) Create New Item in the Item Bank

2) Select Math question type, then select any category of math question


3) Enter the question and answer, then scroll down to Evaluation Settings.


4) When you select the "Change" button, a menu pops up on the screen where you can edit the:

(a) student answer format (e.g. answers only accepted in decimal form, no fractions)

(b) the parameters with which the answer is interpreted or scored by Edulastic (e.g. no parenthesis around intervals can still give correct answer) 

(c) miscellaneous settings (e.g.  limit entry to numbers only)

5) Don't overlook the little "i" icon which gives more detailed information about each setting.


A Note for New Users: 

If you are brand new to creating questions in Edulastic, start with our Video Playlist:  How to Author Edulastic Question Types.

This playlist posted on the Edulastic YouTube Channel features very short clips on how to create questions in Edulastic.  Scroll through the playlist to find question types specific to math items. 



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